Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Turkish Ice Cream Round 1

Despite being told we wouldn't find any Turkish Ice cream, we did!!!  Yay!  We noticed that the individual stands were not out however, we found this place that was part of a store front and it was open!  I was excited to have the kids learn all about the Turkish Ice Cream experience!
It is a show, a full on experience that lasts about a minute and you start out getting an empty cone.
Hey!  What's going on here????
Try to get it now.
A few flips, twists, and a dot of ice cream on the nose....
And he finally got a full cone! : )
Now it is Addyson's turn.  Can you reach it???
Hey, how did I get an empty cone???  They stack a cone or two together so when a kid finally gets the cone they end up getting an empty one.  : )
Ok, I'll trade you the empty one for a full one.
Or 3 empty ones!
Now where is the cone???
Finally!  They both have full cones!! : ) (ps- Ethan was napping in the stroller so he missed out on this one.  No fear, there will be more!).  Here you don't get to pick out a flavor.  They give you a little bit of each flavor they have.
Posing with the brick of chocolate ice cream!!!  What a great introduction to Turkish Ice Cream!!!

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