Saturday, April 5, 2014


Ephesus, once, the trade center of the ancient world, a religious center of the early Christianity and today, Ephesus is an important tourism center in Turkey.
 We enjoyed our afternoon walking amongst the ruins of the old city and feeling on top of the world enjoying a piece of the ancient world!
 Think they took selfies back in the day????
 Ethan's favorite thing to do right now is to collect rocks and here there was NO shortage.  We were visiting a site of an old secret church and looking at the tunnels they used to get into the church as Ethan was gathering rocks.  At that moment I realized that Ethan was holding on to an important of history, church history!!!  That thought alone took my breath away!
There is a huge renovation project going on that is being supported by Austrian architects.  They are in the process of putting back together the church that stood above the tunnels we were looking at.
From the top on our journey down into the city.  Ahead is the library that was recently redone and on the left are the living quarters and on the right was the common wash area and toilet area.
The common toilet area, it was a 3 sided room.  They designed it so there was a small "river" flowing underneath of it that would naturally wash the waste away.  I can't even imagine sitting in a room full of people and taking care of business!
Sitting outside of the library.

Another restoration area
The large stadium
Inside the Theater Gymnasium
The building is situated at the eastern end of the Arcadiane Street. It is one of the Ephesian bath-gymnasium building. The form of its palaestra (place of exercise) with a tribune shows that it had a specific function. The bathing section has been partially excavated and so inaccessible.
There were lobbies, warm bathing pools, frigidarium, recreation rooms and halls for training.
Pointing out the long stairway where the lower class entered.
Happy boy with rocks!

Dare I take the walk?!?!

The city is truly amazing full of things - check out its website!
We enjoyed our day touring around but I didn't get as many pics as I had hoped for.  Why?  I spent a lot of my time in the beginning shielding the kids, especially Ethan, for other tourist.  There was a school group of girls about 16-20 and they were insistent on taking Ethan's picture even though he said, "no" and I said, "no"!  They would shove their camera around me to take a picture and try to be sneaky any way they could.  It wasn't just them but others as well and it became a bit stressful for me.  Ugh!  I'm so thankful we were there at a non-busy time!!!  Is this what celebrity parents feel like?!?!
Thankfully the kids were almost clueless and were all smiles!!!
Our last stop before leaving Ephesus was checking out The Church of Mary
The history we were surround by in Ephesus was amazing!!!  SO glad we made the drive and were able to experience this!

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