Monday, April 7, 2014

Last Day in Turkey

I can't believe after all of our wonderful adventures that our time in Turkey is coming to an end.  Our plan was to have an early breakfast with Opa and Nina before they packed up and headed out to Greece for the rest of their trip.  We have been really good in this house making breakfast every morning with all of the goodies we purchased when we first came to town.  One of our specialties, lamb sausage eggs!!!!  Might sound gross but it was yummy, maybe I think that because I made the sausage! : )  The fresh yoghourt and fresh butter have also been a nice treat!
After breakfast we headed up the street into "town" so Opa and Nina could go to the travel agent and book their tickets for the boat....
and we wanted to explore the towns weekly Farmer's Market!!  Look at how beautiful those veggies look.  The soil here must be so rich in nutrients!
It was a beautiful morning and so relaxing.  Just what we needed after a busy week!
A mini version of the Spice Market!!  We bought some spices to bring home and some snacks for the trip!
Opa and Nina were not having any luck getting a ticket to leave today so they actually are leaving the same day as us.  They also stayed at the Travel Agent to book the rest of their trip and we headed down to the water right across from our house!!!  Brad was on a mission to catch crabs!
And Owen, well I'm sure you can guess!!!  He was on a mission to catch a fish!  He made his own fishing rod (without help from any of us for ideas) with shoe laces tied together, a piece of wood with a nail on it for a hook, a clip to keep food on the wood, and bait.  Wow!
Casting.... a little dangerous with a rusty nail and brother's eye right beside him!
Patiently waiting for a bite.... a bite he never got!  Poor guy!  I'm wondering if it is time to invest in some sort of easy fold down traveling fishing rod!!  We have run into this problem numerous times!
Daddy caught a crab!
Trying a different location for hopes of better results.  No luck!
After fishing, we headed back up to town to find Opa and Nina who were still working on their tickets. We got some super yummy sandwiches for lunch (they were huge and less than $3 a piece) and we ended up bringing them back to our place.  As we were ordering it thundered about 4 times and then the sky opened up and it POURED!!!!  Our first major rain and I felt so bad for all of the vendors set up at the Farmer's Market!
Our last stop for the evening, dinner by the water.
The restaurant had a nice playground the kids could play at while we enjoyed a drink or two!
Do you see that dark speck above Addyson's head?  That is a boat that is out fishing for the restaurant we were at!  More on that later!
On our last night we HAD to try the traditional Turkish drink, is an anise flavored drink that you pour sparkling water in to tone it down.  Then, if you want, you can chase it with some sort of spicy "juice".  It is weird and hard to explain and I'm the only one that drank the Raki with the juice but that was the only way I liked it.
See the two guys at the end of our table?  They are brothers and my parent's travel agent they met in town.  According to them, it is very customary for the travel agent to stay with their customer as long as possible to make sure they are taken care of.  Not only that but my dad loves company and to share in the fun SO, these guys joined us for dinner!
Now comes the fun part.  This is the real deal and something my kids will probably not get to do again!  See the fishing pole?  Remember the boat?  So the fisherman just came in off the boat and my kids followed him into the kitchen!
We got to watch him clean his freshly caught fish!
Owen got to pick out the fish he wanted!
And Owen got to watch the fish cook on the grill!!!!  Man, talk about seeing your food come from the ocean to the dinner table and every process in between!!!!!
Here is the chef preparing some of the other types of fish we had ordered!
Dinner is served!
After a LONG night at the restaurant, the brothers told the restaurant we were celebrating Nina's (April 20) and Addyson's (April 18) birthdays so they played a Happy Birthday song on the speaker system and brought out this beautiful fruit plate.
And then they brought out a dessert with two candles for the girls to blow out!
What a perfect last day in Turkey!  What a perfect ending to a great day!  What an amazing way to celebrate the birthdays of these two special ladies!!!!!  Blessed sums it up!

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