Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Precious Moments/ Special Memories

Owen woke up this morning and wasn't himself.  I could tell he was exhausted, probably trying to shake off Turkey and our busy schedule.  As the morning went on I saw he was missing, he went upstairs and put himself back to bed and was asleep by 7!!!  He is suppose to leave for school at 7:20 but I knew that sleep was more important at this moment.  The hard part was deciding what to do once he woke up and I decided that a mental health day was in order and it was JUST what ALL of my children needed!!!
Owen ended up napping for over 3 hours waking up after 10 and just in time to help me pick up his siblings from school.  Everyone was home early (we usually have to wait for Owen to come home at 11:30 to start lunch) so we started lunch early and they requested a picnic lunch.  They loaded up their bags, took along boards to be their bridges, and went on some wild adventure.  I just loved listening to them talk to each other about the wild adventure they were on!!!
And as I was questioning my decision to let Owen stay home after lunch, I think this moment and this smile solidified my gut instinct that he needed the WHOLE day off!!!
Tender moments were shared between all of the kids together, as groups of two, and even individual moments of achievement!
Precious moments that, if did nothing for them, touched my heart just how I needed it to today!
After lunch, their journey continued.  Owen led the group and he was the one that laid the bridge for his siblings.
Then Ethan braved the bridge!!!
He was SO excited that me made it across safely!!!!
Addyson brought up the lead.  From there, we went out front for an adventure walk to finish up the journey they were on!
Every great journeyman needs downtime and that was just what we needed, yes, Owen napped again!!!  And we all woke up and had snuggles on the couch as we talked about our afternoon!!!  Such precious moments were had and special memories were made!!!!  So glad I have the pictures to look back on and reflect on what tender moments were shared between my three kids!!!!  Love!  A few things were confirmed today- Trust your child (at times), they know what is going on with their body and what they are feeling.  Trust your gut and know you know what is best for your child.  Know that life lessons learned outside of the classroom are sometimes worth missing a day of school!!!  What Owen learned today was far more valuable than anything he would have learned by going to school today!  Besides, school work can be made up these moments are fleeting and priceless and cannot be redone!

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