Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Snapshots of Last Week in Turkey

Hamming it up with Nina
Sharing food with the locals
Collecting snails for their snail races
Feeling on top of the world!
Amazed by the lush green that surrounds us!!  Can't figure out if it is really special or we just miss it living in Saudi.
We snuck a picture in Mary's house.... that's why it is blurry!
The kids' note to Mary
Looking out on Sirince
Olives, olives EVERYWHERE!
Helping hang laundry
Opa didn't swim in the springs but he enjoyed hanging out and watching us!
Daddy/ Daughter time!
Every now and then we got a quiet moment, like a 30 second date and we took full advantage!!!
Traditional Raki set up.  Drink the raki and chase it with a sip of this spicey/sweet "juice"
Look Mom, eyes!
Our trip is over and we are EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!
Always willing to help!!!  No matter what size the load is!
Chugging our last beer in the airport before heading back to Saudi
How the Brewsters roll through the airport!
Man, what an amazing trip!  If you have followed along through ALL of the posts and ALL of the pictures, I'm amazed!!!!  Wonderful memories were made, lots of family time was had, and many smiles, laughs, and love was shared!!!

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