Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Owen's Field Day

The school has a Field Day for all of the grades K and up and they do all of the activities in the afternoon.  The school is split up into teams with a teacher leader and a couple of students from each grade level.  Owen happened to be on a team with his teacher Mrs. Hay as his leader!  One of my friends stayed at my house with my napping kids so I could go watch Owen and be a part of his fun afternoon. (That is him running in the Blue Jays hat).
The activity I got there for was a relay with water pouring.  The kids had to go fill up cups and run them to another teammate, pour the water into their cup, and then that child went to fill up a bucket.  Lots of chaos but looked like lots of fun!
It was hot.  Owen's team won.  How do you celebrate/ manage the two?!!?  Put some water in your hat to try to cool you off!!!
Love that face!  Think he is cooled off now?!?!
Next game, 4-way beach volleyball.  That was complete chaos!!!
Not sure if you are suppose to run with the ball in volleyball but there was SO much going on that no one noticed!  He ran the ball close to the net so he could volley it and score!  Didn't take him long to figure out how to score a point or two! : )
Another game was another race that took team work.  The whole team would stand in a couple of hoops and then have to walk up a hoop at a time as a student ran a hoop from the back to the front for everyone to move.
This game took turns have different grades in charge of moving hoops.  It was great to have the big kids rely on and cheer on the younger grades!  This was another win for Owen's team!!!
Which meant more celebrating and more cooling off!!!
The hats weren't holding enough water so some of the kids just starting putting their heads in the water buckets!!
There was also a watermelon break in-between some of the rotations.  Yummy!!!
Inside there were two games, an obstacle course and a ping pong game.  Outside there were some other games I didn't get pictures of like a ball throw and bean bag toss.
After spending the first half of the afternoon outside in the heat, I was thankful to have our last couple of games inside where we could cool off!!!
Usually when I volunteer at the school I just spend time in one of the kids' classrooms.  Here I got to be outside and amongst all of the kids.  It was a great way to see a representation of the 33 different nationalities that are represented at this school.  A great reminder of one of the perks of the expat life we are living, having our kids exposed to different beliefs and ways of life in a way they wouldn't be if we lived in the States!
What an amazing afternoon with Owen and his school!  Next year I'll be busier running back and forth between Owen and Addyson and all of the fun they will be having!

Water Slide

Last night we had an impromptu sleepover with our friends' two kids.  I love how our weekends can start out with no plans and before you know it we are having a fun-filled time.  We go into the weekend with nothing and wondering what we will do and if anyone will call us up.  Before we know it, we have people stop by for Happy Hour which turns into "let's get a babysitter, have your kids spend the night, and head over to another couples house for game night!"  This is possible because we live in a small camp, getting to people's houses is a simple golf cart ride, kids are at the movies so sometime we can get a last minute babysitter when we need one.  And Viola!  A perfect weekend starts!
Downside, we have a house full of 5 kids ages 1-6 who are up early and wanting to play.  Upside, the weather is nice, the kids are creative, and all of the kids play great together (another thing I have noticed about expat life. kids don't notice ages and kids, despite sometimes large age gaps, play great together!).  This morning all they needed was a water hose and they created their own water park and water slide!
THIS is the life!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mini Photoshoot

There is a great little spot close to the Surf House which was right in front of the staging area for the triathlon.  The kids were hanging out there waiting to see mommy and Brad noticed the lighting was perfect for a mini photo shoot!!!  He got some great pictures of sibling love between the older two kids!!!  Enjoy the pics!

Snapshots of the Week

Owen was right, he DID have a great gift for her!!  Frozen!!!!  Yay!!!!
Her first nightgown!!! Great gift from Nammie!
Enjoying Easter gifts before work and school
Found an egg.... but it is not good to eat.  Where's the real one?!?!
The boys got their paper airplane stuck in the tree and were wondering how to get it out.  To our surprise, the bird went and got it and then dropped it down to the boys!!!  We all got a kick out of that!!!
Mommy is all ready for her first triathlon!
My triathlon teammates!
This boy is ready to start going competitive swimming!

Tea party
First trip to the beach this season!
First trip to the splash pad this season!
Chill-laxing!  I love how when we are out on camp we just run into friends, see Brad catching up with a pal in the background?!?!  Life is laid back and easy here!
Dinner at the beach
New tee-ball star
Lost another tooth and got 10sr!
Caught a lizard, saving it from the cat!
Learning to dish out his own yogurt!  Over the dishwasher is the perfect place to practice, makes for easy clean-up!
Hanging up signs for his pet shop!

Addyson's Field Trip to the Hobby Farm

Today was another fun day with Addyson's class!!!  I love how life on camp makes it very easy for me to join Addyson and her class for field trips!  I take her to school and stay for the day which lets me spend a bit of time with her and her friends in the classroom before we head out!  Today they were working together to put a puzzle together!!!  It was so sweet to see the teamwork!
Then we headed out to the Hobby Farm (horse farm) for the morning!!!  We all sat down in the lobby of the "restaurant" to get a pep-talk about our morning activities!
Ms. Heidi's class checking out the Hobby Farm
First activity, observing the kitchen and drawing what they saw.
Then it was our turn to go see the horses!  The big excitement on camp is that there was a baby horse born and it was a HUGE surprise!!  The family that owns the mommy horse had recently purchased it and had NO idea she was pregnant so one morning when everyone woke up and found out there was a baby on camp it was the talk of town!!!  So fun to be able to visit the mommy and baby!
Checking out the horse eye cover and exploring how the horse see through it!
Fun getting to pet the horse and learn more about them upclose!
To finish up their morning, the Hobby Farm staff cooked the kids grilled cheese for their snack!!!  What a wonderful morning exploring the Hobby Farm with Addyson and her class!!