Thursday, April 17, 2014

Addyson Celebrates her Birthday at School

Today we celebrated Addyson's birthday with her class!!!  The policy at the school changed at the beginning of the year so we are no longer allowed to bring food in to celebrate.  No worries, we came up with another fun idea thanks to Ms. Heidi!
Each class has a garden out in their play area so we brought a basil plant to plant in the garden that the kids can watch grow and think of Addyson and her special day!!!
They passed the plant around so everyone could examine it and smell it and then Ms. Heidi took a leaf off for each of the children to try it!!  Everyone tried it and loved it!  So fun!
Then the class presented her with a book they made for her with a special birthday message in it from each of her friends!!!  We looked through the book with each child talking about their special message for her and then they sang her a birthday song!!!  It was really sweet.
The last thing we had to go was take her birthday basil plant outside and plant it!!!
She took good care planting her special plant.  It was like she was a natural gardener!!
Last thing a plant needs to grow, some water!!!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!  I had a lot of fun celebrating with you and your friends at school!!  And now looking back on it, this was much for fun than getting hyped up on sugar!  It was a learning experience and something the kids can look back on for the rest of the year!!!!

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