Friday, April 18, 2014

Addyson's 5th Birthday Party

This little lady is now 5 years old!!!  I really can't believe it!!!  Her birthday fell on a Friday this year which is a holy day here in Saudi and the first day of our weekend so we had her party on her actual birthday, we have yet to do this for any of our kids.  It was nice to just have one full day of celebrating!
While we waited for all of the kids to show up, the kids enjoyed free time in the backyard!
Addyson loves baking and cupcakes so we had cupcake cooking party for her!!  It was perfect and so much fun!!!
First, the kids painted aprons to take home with them.  I had paint pallets for each child with an array of colors they chose and then they painted away!!
Surrounded by friends, this little girl was so happy!
I loved seeing the creativity of the children and hearing about what they were painting on their aprons!
Some of the moms stayed to help out, others just dropped off.  It was a nice mix!

Hard at work making a colorful creation!
Even Ethan was really into the painting fun!
Next, while the aprons dried and we cleaned up the painting pallets, lunch was served.
One of our closest family friends on camp!
Lunch is served!
Ethan just fits in wherever!!!
A friendly game of soccer after lunch!!  We had to have a bit of action for the boys!
While the boys were outside, the girls went inside for a dance party!
All of the colorful creations!
"Happy Birthday to You!!!"
To go with the theme, each child got to decorate their own cupcake!!  I re-used the painters pallets and filled them with different goodies the kids could chose from to have their cupcake exactly how they wanted it!
I'll take a little bit of this and a little bit of that!
How do I pick?!?!
Trying to smash everything on top of his cupcake!

Mmmmmm, Olive enjoyed her cupcake!
If I eat it really fast, maybe Mom won't see and I can get another one!

Okay, so again, the girliness was overflowing and the boys couldn't take it!!!!
Didn't take them long to find the superhero stuff and start fighting each other!! : )
As each child left we sent them home with their apron and a book!!!  I had gotten cupcake/ birthday themed books while I was home and thought this was the perfect thing to send home with the kids to thank them for coming to Addyson's party!!!
To make sure the boys didn't feel like things were too girly, I got them Bernstein Bears Junk Food book!
We waited to open presents until after everyone left.  We were so busy at the party that we ran out of time to do it with all of the children present.  She got so many wonderful things!!!  Thank you to everyone for your generosity!!!
It was an amazing party for our little princess!!!!  Happy 5th Birthday Baby Girl!!!!

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