Sunday, June 15, 2014

Addyson's Field Trip to the Hobby Farm

Today was another fun day with Addyson's class!!!  I love how life on camp makes it very easy for me to join Addyson and her class for field trips!  I take her to school and stay for the day which lets me spend a bit of time with her and her friends in the classroom before we head out!  Today they were working together to put a puzzle together!!!  It was so sweet to see the teamwork!
Then we headed out to the Hobby Farm (horse farm) for the morning!!!  We all sat down in the lobby of the "restaurant" to get a pep-talk about our morning activities!
Ms. Heidi's class checking out the Hobby Farm
First activity, observing the kitchen and drawing what they saw.
Then it was our turn to go see the horses!  The big excitement on camp is that there was a baby horse born and it was a HUGE surprise!!  The family that owns the mommy horse had recently purchased it and had NO idea she was pregnant so one morning when everyone woke up and found out there was a baby on camp it was the talk of town!!!  So fun to be able to visit the mommy and baby!
Checking out the horse eye cover and exploring how the horse see through it!
Fun getting to pet the horse and learn more about them upclose!
To finish up their morning, the Hobby Farm staff cooked the kids grilled cheese for their snack!!!  What a wonderful morning exploring the Hobby Farm with Addyson and her class!!

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