Saturday, April 19, 2014

Creating Summer Fun

 What do we do after a busy weekend day, we spend the next day at home trying to relax and recoup!  The kids, however, don't seem to need the down time that we do!!
 Thankfully they are really good at playing together and coming up with their own fun!!!  We don't give them much guidance in this area, they always figure it out on their own!!
 Today they played "water fight" and "water slide" and the backyard was soaking wet by the time they were done!!!
 I have to admit that here my kids are much more free to do things they enjoy doing especially the messy things or things that could potentially cost us money (free flow use of the water).
 It is okay if they come in wet and dirty and track sand/dirt through my house.  I know that 5 times a week my floor is cleaned and so it is no loner the huge issue it used to be.  I have to admit I am spoiled in that but it also benefits the kinds for the fact that they can play and explore without many restrictions and their creativity flows and their smiles and giggles are endless!
 They can spray and slide unit they are done and I don't have to worry thanks to the benefit of having all of our bills included in our rent!!!  There are many perks here on camp that have led us to live a more laid back life and I love it!
And so do the kids!!!!
 Not sure this water table was made to hold over 100 pounds of kids but that's what they use it for these days!!!  Here's to creating and enjoying summer fun!!!

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