Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Evening

Ok, here is the final Easter post.  I am SO far behind but have SO many fun pictures to share of this Christian holiday that we made the best to celebrate in a non-Christian environment.  I don't have much to share, just lots of pictures for everyone to enjoy!!! 
Before we even moved to Saudi, I had been planning on having a special Easter event at our house with some close friends and just hope that when the time came, we'd have our close friends to help live out my vision!  We couldn't be more blessed with the great friends we have come to know.  And because this was a small event I tried to provide everything for myself, we could only invite a few of our close friends, how I hope that one day we can open our doors to ALL of our wonderful, close, family-like friends!
First activity, dying Easter Eggs!!  The Most family (5 kids which include a set of triplets) and Lauren from the Miller family joined us!
We used crayons to decorate the eggs!
And I had a couple of packs of Easter Egg dye I had purchased last year to bring over with us for this day!
I wasn't able to plan ahead for a lot of holidays but we found out about our move right around Easter so that was one holiday I was able to stock up for!!!  And my mom mailed over a big box of yummy Easter candy to help with our fun night!

Hey, can I get an egg please?!?!

Even Wolverine likes to dye Easter Eggs!!!
Who needs spoons or egg holders?!?!  We just like to use our hands and make those colorful too!!
Yes, finally an egg dropped!!!  Stella loves Easter eggs too!!!

Toddler table
LOVE this boy and how he jumps in to do things just like his older siblings!! He never missed a beat!
Ok, enough sitting!  Let's burn some energy while we wait for the next activity!
Getting ready for the egg hung to begin!
Turn the kids loose!
The big kids were told they were not allowed to pick up any eggs in our front yard.  We had eggs spread out around the corner of our block that went around to our back yard so they followed that path and made their way to our back yard to look for the harder to find eggs.
The little kids took their time to find eggs in the front yard.
This is the "alley way" to our back yard that we had eggs hid in.
The Graham twins came to join us too for the fun!!!  Look girls, this is what we are trying to find!
While the little kids were taking their time our front, the big kids were frantic in the back yard!! :)

 When the back yard was stripped, the big kids came back to the front yard to help out... and here is why.....
The little kids soon realized that there was candy inside the eggs.....
so they stopped hunting for eggs and started enjoying the treats!!!
Sweet Sister, she noticed Ethan didn't have a lot of eggs in his basket (because he was too busy eating to hunt) so she was sharing some of her surplus with him!!!
When the hunt was over we ate a yummy dinner Brad and I had cooked!!! This was really important to me, see, on camp we get together a lot and the deal is, it is almost always a potluck which is great.  But for once, I wanted my friends to be able to show up stress-free without having to worry about anything besides having fun!  It worked out perfectly and was a GREAT first Easter in Saudi!!!  I hope we did many things today that will become a yearly tradition for us!!!  Happy Easter to all of our friends and family all over the world!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a great time! We did the "Shaving Cream" egg dye this year, and it worked great... Especially since you don't need the special Egg dye, just food coloring and shave cream (which of course you wipe off before peeling the eggs ;) )