Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning

Easter had a different vibe this year than what we are use to for a couple of reasons.  The big reason is obvisous, we live in Saudi Arabia and Easter, a Christian holiday, is not celebrated.  Also, Easter falls on a Sunday and Sunday here starts our week.
So after the kids found their Easter baskets we had to quickly switch gears and have them get ready for school.  Not our traditional morning of basket finding, church, big brunch, big Easter Egg hunt, and nap.
However, I do have to say that despite the fact that the kids had school, we were able to do the majority of some of our favorite Easter activities which is why Easter is going to end up being 3-4 blog posts!!!
Lucky for us, the Easter bunny knew we were in Saudi and the Easter bunny got to take a trip to the States just a month ago and was able to stock up and get ready.
One thing the Easter bunny learned was that planning a year in advance for this holiday and other holidays is going to need to start being part of the norm.  So, there might be some basket shopping taking place this summer!
Baskets were simple but that's how we do things here.  Simple, fun, and a huge hit!!!
What a great morning to kick off Easter in the Land of the Sand!
Happy Easter from the Brewsters!

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