Sunday, April 20, 2014

Egg Hunt at the Beach

This afternoon, at lunch time, one of the moms on camp organized an egg hunt on the beach.  She had a lot of eggs to share and most of us invited brought eggs to "hide" as well so the beach was covered in plastic eggs and pieces of candy!!!
One of the best things about this egg hunt was it happened at 11:30 which is when the big kids get out of school for lunch so Owen rode his bike to come meet us at the beach and made it 10 seconds before the kids were released to hunt!!
What an awesome turn out!!!
While we had to give up a lot of our family traditions when we moved to Saudi, we quickly realized that we will start new traditions and an Easter Egg Hunt on the beach is a pretty awesome and beautiful tradition!
Big enough to hunt on his own now with the big kids!

I found an egg!
After the hunt was over we headed home to eat lunch, some people brought their lunch to the beach to eat but our candy was melting in the heat and so we needed to get that home.  This was the perfect way for Owen to spend lunch break on Easter day!!!

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