Sunday, June 15, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

Owen was right, he DID have a great gift for her!!  Frozen!!!!  Yay!!!!
Her first nightgown!!! Great gift from Nammie!
Enjoying Easter gifts before work and school
Found an egg.... but it is not good to eat.  Where's the real one?!?!
The boys got their paper airplane stuck in the tree and were wondering how to get it out.  To our surprise, the bird went and got it and then dropped it down to the boys!!!  We all got a kick out of that!!!
Mommy is all ready for her first triathlon!
My triathlon teammates!
This boy is ready to start going competitive swimming!

Tea party
First trip to the beach this season!
First trip to the splash pad this season!
Chill-laxing!  I love how when we are out on camp we just run into friends, see Brad catching up with a pal in the background?!?!  Life is laid back and easy here!
Dinner at the beach
New tee-ball star
Lost another tooth and got 10sr!
Caught a lizard, saving it from the cat!
Learning to dish out his own yogurt!  Over the dishwasher is the perfect place to practice, makes for easy clean-up!
Hanging up signs for his pet shop!

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