Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Baseball Begins

Spring baseball has begun and Owen is on Team Pirates!
Looking forward to a great season even though Owen doesn't look too thrilled in the pictures!  He is on a team with new coaches and new players as last season!   A great way to meet more people on camp!
For Opening Day they had a ceremony to kick off the festivities and because of it, the snack shack was open.  This was our first time to be playing on the field by the beach and getting to use the snack shack and of course Addyson wanted to be in on that action!  She asked for some money and took Ethan over to buy some goodies!
They came back with a popsicle and a balloon!!!  I love that camp is so small and I can have the kids go off and learn some independence and do things like this on their own that I probably wouldn't be able to do in the States.
Getting ready to watch the players get called out to the field.
To kick off the day they had all the teams come and they called each player out to the field!!!  Lots of fun!! What a good looking group of athletes and coaches!

His uniform for this season.
After the opening ceremony, the games started starting with the t-ball teams.  So we went home for lunch and a quick nap and then came back for Owen's game.  Look at that backdrop!!!  Can't get much better than this!

There are 3 teams in Owen's league so they combined the teams to play one game today which is why there is a mixture of colors on the bench as the kids wait for their turn at bat.
Swing batter, batter swing!
Looking forward to a great season!

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