Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Water Slide

Last night we had an impromptu sleepover with our friends' two kids.  I love how our weekends can start out with no plans and before you know it we are having a fun-filled time.  We go into the weekend with nothing and wondering what we will do and if anyone will call us up.  Before we know it, we have people stop by for Happy Hour which turns into "let's get a babysitter, have your kids spend the night, and head over to another couples house for game night!"  This is possible because we live in a small camp, getting to people's houses is a simple golf cart ride, kids are at the movies so sometime we can get a last minute babysitter when we need one.  And Viola!  A perfect weekend starts!
Downside, we have a house full of 5 kids ages 1-6 who are up early and wanting to play.  Upside, the weather is nice, the kids are creative, and all of the kids play great together (another thing I have noticed about expat life. kids don't notice ages and kids, despite sometimes large age gaps, play great together!).  This morning all they needed was a water hose and they created their own water park and water slide!
THIS is the life!!!

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