Thursday, July 17, 2014


On the opposite side of camp from our house it the golf course and the "duck pond".  It is so fun for the kids to go to!  When the ducks see our golf cart coming the come out of the water and run up to us looking for food!
As much as a struggle it is to find things to entertain us, there is no running to Target to shop the dollar bins or going to the mall to run around or going to Chuck E. Cheese to burn off energy, I'm surprised we don't come here more often.  Every time we come we comment on how fun it is and we should be doing this more.  Let's see if we do!
Besides feed the ducks, there are also lots of fish to catch!!!  Lots of tiny bluegills and other small fish that bite pretty easily.  This is a favorite spot for Owen!
And today we introduced Ethan to it for the first time officially!  He started out using Owen's cane pole that he made in Tiger Cubs when Brad too the den fishing.
He LOVED it!!!!
It didn't take him long to get hooked.... pun intended! : )  It also didn't take him long to notice that Owen and Addyson had rods with a reel on them to help reel fish in and he wanted in on part of that action too!
And before I knew it, the boys were reeling in the fish!!!!
Having learned from his big brother, Ethan quickly became a pro at holding the fish and throwing them back.  It still amazes me at how quickly the youngest does things and the lack of fear Ethan has because he is able to watch and learn from Owen and Addyson!
Even Addyson can hook a fish and reel it in!!!  Fishing is now a family wide event!
Yes, even Stella gets in on the action!  She has now become a bit obsessed and as soon as she sees you cast the line out she goes to the edge of the water and waits for you to reel in a fish.  The problem is when you have an empty hook, I'm waiting for her to get herself hooked one day!!!  We let her back at the fish and jump around it a bit before we toss it back.
And when the action slows down, she creates her own fun!!!!  We are lucky, somehow she manages to come home clean.  Once she dries off, the dirt just falls off!!!
OOOHHHHHH!!!!!!  We have one!
Ethan's first fish!!!
SO proud!
Just as Ethan caught his fish, our friends showed up so he was able to show off his first fish to his friends Macey and Caley!
And then he taught Macey how to fish!
Both girls ended up catching their first fish too!  It was an fun filled morning and I think we have created some fishing obsessed monsters!
Just as it started to heat up, we were done fishing and ready to go home!  What a beautiful morning and something I hope we start going more often!

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