Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tea Party

Today Addyson attended a Tea Party at the library with her friend Isabella.  The theme was Red and White so I went and bought her a dress that she could also wear on the 5th of July.  I brought Ethan along because I didn't have any other option and he sat in on story time.
While the kids listened to stories, the picnic tables were set.
I didn't reserve a spot for Ethan and he wasn't dressed for the occasion so I didn't think he would get a spot.  Lucky for him, there was extra room at his sister's table! : )
He is SO excited to be a part of the group!
Ethan, isn't this fun?!?!
Sipping her "tea" (cherry sprite)
Enjoying every second of this fun party!

I loved watching her sip out of her cup and hold her finger out!  So sweet and simply elegant.
So fun Tea Party fun!  Another wonderful opportunity in our old hometown!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Birthday Celebrations at Chuck E. Cheese

Owen turned 7 yesterday and Addyson turned 5 in Saudi.  I wanted to host a little something so they could celebrate with family and friends in the States so I let the kids pick a place to have a party together.
I bet there is no surprise to where they picked!!
Birthday King and Queen
Okay, so there are lots of pictures.  Not everything needs an explanation.  Just know lots of fun was had by all!!!  Enjoy the photos!

The whole group!  We ended up with a Girls' Table and a Boys' Table
Addyson still isn't a fan of Chuck E. so she sat on my lap for the birthday celebration and I had to be the one that participated!

Addyson wanted me to go in the Ticket Blaster with her!  Got my safety gear on!

Hope he didn't take driving pointers from Uncle Kellen! : )

Proud of her super ticket chain!
Opening gifts!  Thank you to everyone for your generosity!
Trying to make a ticket chain longer than his sister's!
Enjoying prizes after cashing in all of the tickets!  That's a wrap folks!  What a party!

Snapshots of the Week

 Razorback soccer camp is in the list this week!
 One day I'll be out there too, Mommy!
 Best friends at a Tea Party
 Bringing home a dog for Nammie!  Meet Mollie!
 Damngoode Pies
 Dinner and a fun evening with Aunt Georgia!  We sure have missed her!
 Enjoying a cool morning in our jammies!
 Turtle watching
 Dreaming of snow on this summer day
Round 1 of packing!!!  3 out of 10 boxes packed!

Snapshots of the Week

The kids' benefit to going to the gym, having pool time after mommy works out!
Shooting some hoops at the gym!
Fighting the big kids
He pees anywhere!
That one time I took 5 kids to the pool by myself!
Her mommy said she couldn't go down the slide by herself.... Oops!
I didn't think she could either!  Must have been confidence in numbers!
I drove to the gas station, had to pump my own gas. and it cost 4xs more than what I'm use to paying... must not be in Saudi anymore!
An afternoon in a tiny town in Missouri and checking out army weapons daddy use to shoot!
Getting a special cross from Jordan blessed.
Mommy's evening medicine
We like to eat with chopsticks
Working hard to grab a noodle
I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!
 Show me your mean face! Haha!
 Being silly to unwind after a crazy kid party!