Friday, September 12, 2014

Addyson Celebrating Dad

Ms. Heidi has been working hard with the kids to make a gift for their dads for Father's Day.  She knew Addyson was leaving school early to head home to the States for the summer so she made sure Addyson got her gift done on time and allowed Addyson to invite her daddy to school to present him with this gift.
Addyson was so excited and so proud to show her daddy what she made for him to put in his office  A perk of camp life, it is SO easy for Brad to "just run by" Addyson's school for a few minutes since his work is just down the street and there is no need to fight traffic or go through a lot of hassle to make an appearance at the kids' school.
Addyson wrote the word dad with tape and then painted around it and then removed the tape for the beautiful masterpiece!  She also drew a picture of her daddy.
Since it was our last full day at the school, Ms. Heidi gave us all of Addyson's beautiful artwork to bring home with us!  Look at her drawings of faces throughout the year!  I love the progression!
Thank you to Ms. Heidi for instilling a love of artwork in Addyson!  She has created some beautiful pieces, especially the one Brad will hang in his office!

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