Friday, September 12, 2014

Addyson's Water Day

Today I got to take my last field trip with Addyson during her K4 school career.  Today was Water Day so we took the bus to the Surf House which is at the South Beach.  The kids got to play in the splash pad and share a snack together.  We  started out under the tent that was set up by Aramco complete with Arabic rugs (this is a traditional set up for all activities on camp) with the kids spreading out their towels and getting ready with sunscreen and hats.
Once we were ready the fun began.  Addyson didn't waste one minute running in!!!!  She was running around and squealing with delight.
It was funny to see how Addyson made a joke out of getting sprayed and was laughing as the other girls in her class took their time getting in.  They were looking at Addyson like she was a bit crazy.
Love getting this time with my baby girl.  The other moms and I were standing in the shade of the tree and enjoying the scene.  Addyson had asked me where my swimsuit was and I told her I didn't wear it.... what I didn't tell her was that I wore something that I knew would get wet and would dry quickly....
I wanted her to play with her friends and do some of the other water activities, like painting on the sidewalk with water, instead of worrying about me and getting me wet!
It didn't take long though for me to join in on the fun!  I was the only mom in there running around with the kids getting wet!  It was actually nice to cool off and to be silly with the kids!
And Addyson spiced it up by dumping water on my head!  Then the fun started with her friends.  Who could pour water on Addyson's mom's head!??!  Look at her "evil" laugh! : )
She even got the girls to chase Ms. Heidi and dump water on her!!!  Lots of fun had by all!!!  A perfect activity for this hot school day!
Ms. Heidi's class
Addyson and some of her closest girl friends.  I hear them in the mornings on the playground call themselves the "girl scouts".
A beautiful fruit tray was prepared for the kids to enjoy under the tent before heading back to class!  Look at the beach as a wonderful background!  Field trips on camp are so much fun!!!

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