Monday, September 29, 2014

Birthday Celebrations at Chuck E. Cheese

Owen turned 7 yesterday and Addyson turned 5 in Saudi.  I wanted to host a little something so they could celebrate with family and friends in the States so I let the kids pick a place to have a party together.
I bet there is no surprise to where they picked!!
Birthday King and Queen
Okay, so there are lots of pictures.  Not everything needs an explanation.  Just know lots of fun was had by all!!!  Enjoy the photos!

The whole group!  We ended up with a Girls' Table and a Boys' Table
Addyson still isn't a fan of Chuck E. so she sat on my lap for the birthday celebration and I had to be the one that participated!

Addyson wanted me to go in the Ticket Blaster with her!  Got my safety gear on!

Hope he didn't take driving pointers from Uncle Kellen! : )

Proud of her super ticket chain!
Opening gifts!  Thank you to everyone for your generosity!
Trying to make a ticket chain longer than his sister's!
Enjoying prizes after cashing in all of the tickets!  That's a wrap folks!  What a party!

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