Thursday, September 11, 2014

Birthday Trip to Bahrian

One thing we try to take advantage of but something that is still weird to think about is going to another country to celebrate special family days and holidays.  Back in the States we'd make a trip to a neighboring State, these days we cross boarders to enjoy the perks of another country!  Crazy!
Like last year, Brad was going to be alone for Father's Day and his birthday so I talked him into going to Bahrain for an overnight to celebrate his special days with him in advance.  To celebrate, we picked a fancy breakfast place (not our usual Ric's) and were pleasantly surprised and impressed with the food!  Amazing!  Not really a kid place, a lot of couples there, but we all enjoyed it to the fullest!
The kids' favorite part was the delicious dessert counter where they each got to pick out a sweet treat to take back to the hotel with us!
We arrived early, per the usual Brewster style of going to Bahrain, and we were able to check in early and get a head start on swimming!  We wanted to take full advantage of this time together because it was also our last trip together before the kids and I departed for the States and left Brad for 6 weeks!  Gotta fill our love cups while we can!
I was sitting pool side alone (I actually got water in both of my ears and had a HORRIBLE earache so I couldn't swim and Brad left to go find a drug store to find some drops for my ear.  Note to self- start packing the ear drops that just sit on the shelf!  They do NO good on the shelf at home!) and I quickly realized that this was the first time EVER since being a mom that I could sit back, relax, and enjoy the poolside view!!!  I've always had a baby that needed my attention!  Proud to say that Ethan is fully able to navigate a pool by himself!! (sniff, sniff).  Wow!  I never thought this time would come.
 Hamming it up!
 Sweet Sister
 My big boy
A few hours later some of our friends joined us!!!  The Leepers have kids the same age as our kids but they are all girls AND they are expecting their fourth girl!!! 
The kids play great together and it was fun for me and Brad to have friends to chat with while the kids entertained themselves!!!
For dinner we all got dressed up (after much debate if we should just stay and eat poolside at the hotel), which was really nice to do since life on camp can lend itself to a life of comfy clothes, and took them to our favorite restaurant the Brazilian steak house!
The experience was enjoyed by all!!!
The next morning we great Bahrain with a smile and celebrated Brad in our room by giving him his gift before we headed to breakfast!!!  We had gotten him a REALLY nice watch (one that makes up for 2 years of no gifts)!!!  I hope that between his surprise party, our trip to Bahrain, and his new watch he knows he is loved!!!
Love mornings in a hotel!!!!  Soak up the ability to have NOTHING to do and NO WHERE to go!!!

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