Thursday, September 4, 2014

Brad's Surprise Birthday Party

There have been several birthdays since Brad and I have been together that he has spent alone due to work or babies being born or moving.  His birthday is often the forgotten birthday.  Knowing that he spent his birthday completely alone last year and he was going to spend it without us this year I knew I had to do something big for him before the kids and I left for the States and so the planning started.  I wanted to have a surprise birthday for him and our friends the Mosts, Brad and Heather, offered to host the party at their house!  Brad and I went for dinner at the beach and were going to have a relaxing evening watching a movie but Heather needed us to bring something to her for Owen who was spending the night at her house!
As we walked out their back door Brad was surrounded by his friends yelling Happy Birthday and he was TOTALLY surprised!!!!  It was awesome!
People brought food to share and the food was amazing!
I had gone over earlier in the day to decorate and set up the tables.  A perk of camp is there is a place where you can ordered tables, chairs, coolers, and all sorts of things to host an event and you rent them for free and the company drops them off and picks them up the next day!  It is an awesome service!
Between the mingling, drinking, and eating, Drew brought off his baggo game that we set up at the back of the yard!  So much fun!
Brad and Drew
Heather ordered a cake for Brad!!!  His favorite, carrot cake, ordered from the Hobby Farm (horse farm) who makes some amazing cakes!
As the night went on, the evening got more interesting!
Brad even started up the hose to make a water slide!  Yikes!
The crew that could hang on until the very end!!  This group ended up staying until about 1am.... a couple of hours past the time everyone else left.  I should say that our sweet friends Pascal and Marieke offered to have our little kids spend the night so we were free to stay out AND sleep in!!!  A night birthday present!
And it is time to wrap up the evening!!!  SO much fun!  So many laughs!  Great memories with awesome friends!!!  Happy Birthday Brad!!!

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