Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Evening at the Beach

One of our favorite things to do on a weekend evening is to hang out with friends.  Potluck is a common thing around here.  Want to spice up the traditional Potluck, have it at the beach!  We picked our favorite spot at the North beach, we like it because there is a huge covered playground AND splash pad the kids can walk to or they can choose to hang out on the beach.  There is a little bit of something for every kid.
Happy, entertained kids means that the adults are free to mingle without worry of someone else's house getting dirty or something getting broken.  Stress-free fun!  There is a covered picnic bench and a grill which makes a potluck BBQ very easy!
Tonight we changed things up a bit and went to one of the couple's house after dinner for dessert!  We had a feeling it would be a late night so we ran home, which is easy to do since it is a 1-5 minute golf cart away to most places on camp, and changed the kids over to their jammies.
Good thing we did!  Owen and Stjin just couldn't hang on any more!!!  Sings of a great evening at the beach with friends!

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