Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Baseball Game of the Summer

Tonight is our first baseball game of the summer!  Cousin Troy and Uncle Ryan got to come with us as we supported Nammie's Alma Matter of Missouri Southern as they hosted an alumni evening.
It hasn't taken us long to jump into ALL things American since coming home!   From catching fireflies, to beers on the patio, to hotdogs and popcorn at a baseball game!  We are "home" and we are ALL IN!!!
The boys are huge sports fans!  That is one thing that we really miss living in Saudi, the opportunity to attend live sporting events, so the boys were in baseball heaven!  Having a good view of home plate also helped!
Owen is now super brave and enjoys having his picture taken with Strike!
Getting this picture with Sinker took a bit of forcing... can't believe that we got a smile out of Addyson and that Ethan isn't crying!  I'll have to frame this one!
Tonight was a beautiful evening so we took full advantage of walking around the park and enjoying some of the perks of the ball field.
Being with my brother and nephew was such a nice feeling!  The cousins jumped right back into fun and games not skipping a beat.  You wouldn't be able to tell that the last time they saw each other was about 9 months ago!
Little E's face says it all!
I just had to post this, Ethan does a Chicken Dance that I think resembles the dance the old guy does in the movie Frozen!  He cracks me up every time he does it!  And this boy loves to dance!
It was a great evening at the ball park!  Feels good to be home!  Every little thing we do that reminds us of things we have missed is confirmation that being back in the States is a good thing!  We always want to give our kids an "American Summer" and I think we are off to a great start!
 After I posted this, I found some pictures on my cell phone and they were too cute to leave out!
 Monster ice cream!
 This boy loves ice cream and his Nammie!
 Always making us laugh!
 How you do it at a baseball game!!!  All American!

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