Saturday, September 13, 2014

Last Day of School for the 13-14 Year

Today is the last day of school for the Brewster kids!  Actually yesterday was the last full day of school.  Today they are only going until lunch because we have to leave for the airport at 1pm so we can start our journey back to the States for the summer.  We are leaving 2 weeks before school lets out. (leaving school for breaks during the year and getting out of school early for the year is a bit of the "norm" here so isn't frowned upon.  Due to work schedules and repat schedules, where the family is required to leave the country for 2 weeks, absent kids from school is fairly common around camp).
As I had the kids pose for their last day of school picture I couldn't believe the year was over.  The idea that I have a first grader and pre-k child is a thing of the past now.  I'm about to have a child in 2nd grade and kindergarten.  How long can I hold on to the idea that they are still small and still in the younger grades???  I think I'll keep them young all summer, for as long as I can.
This guy knows I want him to stay little but he is so excited to be growing up big like his daddy and learning so many fun things!  He ended the year an average first grade reader, advance in math, and with a strong love of science.  He had a great year with Mrs. Hay and made a lot of friends!  It was a very successful year for this big boy!
This little girl isn't so little any more!!!  She totally grew up in her appearance this year.  She has an opinion about the way she dresses, how her hair is fixed, and what shoes she wears!  This year she developed a love for writing and drawing.  She was also known in her class as the helper.  She has also started to develop a strong understanding of basic math concepts!  I have no fear that she is 100% ready for Kindergarten and will be successful!
The little guy of the group has had the most noticeable change!  I remember walking with him to drop the big kids off at school and he couldn't walk up the big steps by himself.  Not only that, but he was use to being with mommy 100% of the time.  We found a great school for him where he enjoyed going, made friends, and was singing his ABCs and counting by the end of the year!  He developed a great vocabulary, has the best manners of any of us in the house, and is sporty like his brother!  He is no longer a little baby although if you ask him if he is a big boy he will say, "No, I'm a tiny boy".  He will always be our "tiny" boy even though he is the biggest size wise out of all of them!
His last day with Ms. Nesrin!  Thank you Ms. Nesrin for your kind and loving heart that helped nurture Ethan when he was sad from being away from his mommy and helped his mind grow as he learned new concepts from you!  It was a great year!
Addyson LOVES to give gifts that she knows will make people smile!  She smiles just as big giving the gift!!!
Thank you Ms. Heidi for an amazing year!  Your gift of working with 3-4 year olds is amazing.  Your understanding of Addyson and her personality and what made her tick is what made it possible for her to blossom and grow!  The gifts you gave her this year will stay with her (and with us) for her lifetime!

Mrs. Hay had left for the day so I wasn't able to get a picture with her and Owen but her thanks should not go unmentioned!  Mrs. Hay, thank you for your hard work with Owen.  I saw Owen grow SO much as a reader this year and become excited about the opportunity to be able to read books on his own that helped him expand his knowledge of things he is interested in, especially things about animals and how things work.  He became more confident this year and really opened up!  He is ready for second grade!
Beginning of the year- September 2013
End of the year- June 2014
Wow, look at the difference!  I can't believe the growth, both physically and mentally!  What an amazing year!  We are now looking forward to the summer and the new adventures ahead!

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