Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Mother's Day in Saudi

Due to the difference in weekly structure here in Saudi Arabia, it seems like a lot of holidays are celebrated on a school day like Mother's Day!  Always on a Sunday which is the first day of the school week here so a lot of my morning was spent alone, totally opposite of all of the other Mother's Days I have celebrated!  Before everyone rushed out the door this morning they gave me my gift, the necklace I am wearing!  It says "I love you Mom" in Arabic!
Then I was invited to Addyson's class with the rest of the moms so they could present us with our gift they have been working very hard on these past couple of weeks.
Presenting me with my gift!
She took my picture with my unopened gift.
She made me a picture frame!  They cut up white paper into different shapes, glued it to the frame, and then painted it!  Ms. Heidi took some pictures of the kids and they picked which one they wanted to put in the frame!  I love it!
Then the moms were invited to stay for snack!  A fruit salad that the kids made themselves! 
 When Brad asked me what I wanted I told him I didn't want anything (which he clearly didn't listen to since I got that beautiful necklace) but that I wanted to help make memories, isn't that what this journey is all about?!?!  I requested that he help me host a Happy Hour for some of the favorite moms in my life on this side of the ocean and he came through!  Potlucks are a big thing here and I didn't want anyone to bring anything!  I wanted to provide it all so it was a carefree get together they just had to show up to and enjoy!  I think it was successful!
We had an amazing time!  Happy Hour carried on and the guys ended up showing up!  It made for an wonderful evening of laughs with some great friends!  Happy Mother's Day to us!
This wasn't the traditional Mother's Day I am use to but it is my new traditional Mother's Day and I love it!  Sharing a day with the little ones that made me a mom and friends that are in the journey of motherhood with me, perfect!

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