Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mother's Day Trip to Bahrain

For Mother's Day weekend we headed to Bahrain to meet one of our favorite couples at a hotel we haven't been to before.  We were excited to try out a new place and spend some time away from camp with people that are like family to us!
Addyson got dressed up to play the part of a tourist!!!  She is really starting to develop her own sense of style and has an opinion about everything!
When going to Bahrain, we leave early (really early, like as soon as we wake up and the kids eat in the car) in order to try to beat the weekend rush and prevent sitting in the customs life for over an hour.  We have been pretty successful and going across the boarder takes us less than 25 minutes (might seem like a lot but there are 5 or 6 different check points to go through).  This means though that we arrive in Bahrain way before check in time and before most people are awake so we have to find things to pass our time.  That usually includes checking out a store or two for our beloved Tostitos chips and a stop at Ric's for breakfast!  Ric's serves American breakfast with traditional bacon and has an outdoor space with a few animals the kids love to check on (we even sneak in some veggies to feed the bunnies).
After breakfast, we headed to the Sofitel to see if they would let us check in early.  Don't you just love how the Brewster kids roll?!? : )
Our friends, the Grahams were awake and at the beach so that is where we headed, luggage and all!!!  Do you see little Miss Addyson at the edge of the water holding a child???  The sand was hot and one of the twins wanted to go to the water but didn't want to walk on the sand so Addyson braved the heat and carried that baby across the hot sand to the water!!!  She is SUCH a HELPER!!!!
Celebrating motherhood with one of my dearest friends on camp!  It is because of the friends I have made here that life is fun, motherhood is "easier", and this experience is being lived to its fullest!
My first baby
My 2 big kids!
The kiddie pool was amazing and we spent most of our time here.  Right behind us was an indoor kid area that we could check the kids into and they had crafts and different activities going on.  Addyson really enjoyed the freedom and being able to come and go like a big kid!
Squirting daddy with the water gun!
Refilling his weapon!
I'm gonna squirt you, Momma!!!
Enjoying relaxing pool time!  We ate by the pool and stayed here all afternoon!  It was nice, especially as the school year ends and we have a lot of end of the year activities going on, to be able to stay in one place, chill, and take the day as it came!
Water baby
Getting brave on the water slide.... but I'm not sure that was the part he was suppose to slide down! : )
But he can do it all by himself so that's the important part.
The inside kid area had face painting at one point!  Addyson took full advantage! : )
This little guy also joined in on the fun.....
...... before wracking out pool-side.
After spending the day at the pool, we were finally able to check in.  We were in awe of the view from our room!
To wind up our day, I went and got the kids an ice cream treat.  It was used as more of a bribe because we had to break the news to them that a hotel babysitter was coming so Brad and I could go out with Drew and Julie for the evening.  It went over pretty well and we had an amazing night out with our friends.  That is an extra special treat because a date is hard to come by and a double date even harder since we usually share the sitter and to be able to get dressed up and walk to a nice restaurant was the icing on the cake.  A over nigh in Bahrain is sometimes just what the soul needs to break up the "Groundhog Day" feeling of camp life!  What a perfect Mother's Day trip!

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