Friday, September 12, 2014

Owen our Soccer Star

Owen was chosen to play on one of the two soccer teams that represented our camp, Ras Tanura, in a soccer tournament that we hosted on our camp.  We invited teams from other Aramco camps to come for an all afternoon soccer, football, tournament.  It was so much fun!  Here is Owen's team and coaches!
And this is how we sit up to watch.  Need to umbrella to protect us from the sun.  We also had a huge jug of water with us!  How this kids play in the heat is amazing!

Our little natural.  This kid has been kicking around a soccer ball since he has been able to walk. He has speed that is amazing.  That is really his skill that he brings to the field.  He isn't super aggressive about getting in there and getting the ball (not really in his personality to be pushy) but once he gets the ball he can break away and get it down field super quick!
Owen's team did great.  One win and one loss (and the loss should have been a win).  They played their hearts out and left everything on the field!  Playing two games back to back in this heat isn't easy!  So proud of these guys and their coaches!
All of the players got a medal for participating in the tournament.  Out of all of the soccer players on all of the camps, these boys were the select few chosen to represent their camp!  And they all did a great job!  To celebrate, our camp put on a dinner for everyone to go to at the Surf House to celebrate!
We just had to pack up our stuff to go..... my little pack mule! : )
Owen also participated in a special advance soccer program that was hosted for 2 months on camp by some of the more advance soccer coaches.  They were able to work with Owen on some of his skills and to fine tune the ones he was good at.  He learned so much and we loved watching him progress as a player!  He is ready for next season to start!
A big Thank You to these coaches who dedicated so many of their evenings to sweat it out on the soccer field night after night to help these boys who want to become soccer stars!!!!  It was greatly appreciated!

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