Thursday, September 4, 2014

Owen's Fishing Birthday Party

Getting ready to celebrate Owen's first birthday in the Land of the Sand!!!
When trying to come up with ideas for a birthday party our options are kind of limited here to things easy to do on camp.  We were trying to think of something fun that didn't make a huge mess at our house that is a new birthday party idea that we could do in the heat of the day at the beginning of June.  What did we come up with, a Fishing Birthday party, of course!
We invited a couple of Owen's friends to join us at the Duck Pond in the evening so we could fish and eat until dark and get the cooler part of the day!  It was perfect!
We loaded up our golf cart with supplies and headed to the pond early to decorate and set up before friends came!
The first activity was feeding the ducks!  I have been saving bread pieces for months so there was plenty of food to go around as we waited for all of the boys to show up.

Owen, Evan, Dawson, and Eric (we are missing Mason in this picture)
I tried to make some fishing themed snacks.  I had worms and bobbers, Goldfish, and gummy fish.
The boys couldn't wait to start fishing!!   See how Stella is right there in on the action!  She is also a fan of fishing these days!!!
Evan's dad, also named Brad, came along to help out!!!  It was nice having another day around to help with the many flying hooks!
Eric's mom, Maite, also stayed!!!  It was a beautiful evening and lots of fun!
Perfect party for our little fisherman!  Can't believe he is almost 7.  Since we will be in the States on his actual birthday, I really wanted him to be able to celebrate with some of his closest friends on camp which is why we had this party for him a couple of weeks before we head back home for the summer.
Birthday boy caught the first fish!
Stella's favorite part of fishing.  Don't worry, we never let her hurt the fish!
Reeling in a BIG one!
Eric's first fish ever!!!!!
Look at the look on Mason's face! He also caught his first fish ever!
And Evan caught his first fish ever too!!!!!!
Caught a tiny, tiny fish out of the fish bucket we had where we were storing all of the fish the boys caught.
Dawson had never caught a fish before and he was SO determined to catch a fish.  He was watching all of his friends catch one and was having NO luck.  Thankfully Brad was just as determined to help this guy catch a fish!  Brad got a secret bait and took Dawson to the other side of the pond and it wasn't long before a smiling Dawson came back with a fish on his pole!!!  Yay!!!  I think this was one of my favorite things about this party, helping/ seeing some boys catch their first fish ever!
His fish/ shark themed cupcakes.
Making a wish
His cupcake needed a few extra gummies on it! ; )
"Everyone smile"  why did I wait until cupcakes were handed out to try to get a group shot?!?!
"Can't I just eat this cupcake in peace?!!?"
Great group of boys!
Releasing all of the fish the boys caught..... and there were a BUNCH of them!!  Signs of a good fishing party!  Everyone caught at least one!
Opening gifts as it get dark.  What an amazing evening celebrating our little fisherman!  Happy Birthday big O!!!

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