Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

Someone likes to like his yogurt bowl clean!
Brave boy can ride his scooter like the big kids, even down the sloped driveway (which makes mom a big nervous!)
How he rolls!
They call this "doing bike exercise"
Going to school in style, her style!
Too cute for words!
When babysitting for a friend and there is NO bottle to be found for nap time you improvise!  I had a bottle spout that fit on a soda bottle, a BIG soda bottle!  It worked though and she napped just fine!
Nurse Addyson to the rescue!
Nutella with bananas!
It's a little HOT here in the Land of the Sand in May!
Met a couple of other families at the Snack Shack for lunch!  The closest thing we get to our school age kids eating lunch together in a cafeteria!
Working on an ice dig with Stjin!
Whole cucumber for a morning snack, Yes please!
Dress-up like a profession day at school!  Any idea what this kid wants to be when he grows up?!?!
Taking Benthe for a ride.... a sight you'll never see in Saudi outside of these gates!
Caught this big guy into a book while he was waiting for dinner to be done!  So thankful he is starting to enjoy reading!

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