Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

Today I slept in.  I came downstairs and Addyson said, "I waited for you to eat breakfast Mommy so you wouldn't have to eat alone."  I love that she has learned that lesson from me.
Trying to break bread
A happy boy eating a fancy breakfast in Bahrain
 Me and my princess
Jumping in
 Look who swims by himself now!
WHY am I making bobbers?????  I could easily buy these in the States!
Arts and crafts before school
He got himself dressed.  Just having a hard time zipping up! ; )
Breakfast popsicles on the way to school!!!!  They love them and I love that they are getting LOTS of different fruits and veggies to start their day!
Getting ready for our large meeting to make many RT teams for the Bahrain Half Ironman!
My FAVORITE post-workout lunch!
The kids are hooked too on my favorite lunch!
How he eats a melon!
I love how Brad makes my breakfast every morning!  At least one of us is a morning person!
Love that laugh
Can't hide the fact that he's had his hand in the Nutella jar! : )
washing the car
Date night at the beach!
Crossing the boarder!  See the red light in front of the truck in front of us?!?  That WAS green meaning it was open.... and just like that it can switch to red and be closed!!!!  One of the frustrations of crossing the boarder!!!  Also note #3 and 4, that is where women go to get their passports stamped since no men can see their picture!!!

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