Sunday, September 28, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

Two cousins and Strike
A yummy treat!!!  Oh the joys of being Stateside!
Enjoying the patio!  Another treat!
 Farmer's Market Fun!
 Wedding Photobooth Fun
 Back to our Sunday Home!
 Lunch OUT with friends!
 Oh Flying Burrito, I've missed you!!!
Bruise on the forehead from doing Burpees
Morning Snuggles
Celebrating the end of a great week!
Where's Owen?
 Working out even on vacation!
Getting rained on!!!  Haven't said that in a LONG time!
Fun with clay
A Fayetteville Spot
Talking to friends from Saudi!
Long time buddies!
The girls of the group!  Now pen pals!
Look Owie, a bug!

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