Monday, September 29, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

The kids' benefit to going to the gym, having pool time after mommy works out!
Shooting some hoops at the gym!
Fighting the big kids
He pees anywhere!
That one time I took 5 kids to the pool by myself!
Her mommy said she couldn't go down the slide by herself.... Oops!
I didn't think she could either!  Must have been confidence in numbers!
I drove to the gas station, had to pump my own gas. and it cost 4xs more than what I'm use to paying... must not be in Saudi anymore!
An afternoon in a tiny town in Missouri and checking out army weapons daddy use to shoot!
Getting a special cross from Jordan blessed.
Mommy's evening medicine
We like to eat with chopsticks
Working hard to grab a noodle
I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!
 Show me your mean face! Haha!
 Being silly to unwind after a crazy kid party!

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