Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Time Ethan had to go to the ER

The night started out as an average night in RT except for the fact that Brad was out of town (and had been for 2 days) for business.  Owen had a baseball game and so I made dinner for the little kids and I to eat while we watch Owen play baseball.  I could tell that Ethan wasn't feeling 100% and I feared he was getting/had an ear infection.  Due to that and the fact that the clinic was within walking distance from the baseball game, I asked my friend to keep an eye on Addyson while I ran Ethan to the clinic "real quick" to get some meds.  I started loading up the golf cart so what happened next I'll never know.....
All I know is that I turned around and saw Ethan on the ground and a second later he started screaming a scream I have never heard before.  I ran over to him and his body was tense so I ran with him to our golf cart and drove right to the ER (also in the same building as the clinic).  As I stopped at the guard station (there are lots of guard stations on camp for security), Ethan still screaming, started throwing up.  I ran him into the ER (the guard ended up parking my golf cart for me) and during intake he threw up again.  Man, I was scared!  Soon after throwing up, he became very sleepy and went to sleep.  I spent this time answering doctor questions and trying to call a friend to pick up my kids from the baseball field and a friend to call Brad (I have no cell phone and do not have Brad's cell phone memorized).
After much consideration, the doctor decided it was best for Ethan and I to take an ambulance to the major Aramco camp because they have a larger facility and more specialized equipment and if Ethan had something major happen due to his injury which was some sort of head trauma that he got from hitting his cheek (you can see in the picture above), we needed to be in a place they could help us and not have to wait for the hour ambulance ride first.
By this time, my friend Heather had gathered my kids from the ballpark, her husband brought me clothes to the ER, and she had talked to Brad and gave him the number at the hospital so he could call me!  The camp he was at was also about an hour from the main camp so he left where he was and was able to meet us at the new hospital.  He actually greeted us at the ambulance!
After a CT scan at 1am, it was decided that Ethan needed to stay the night for observation and again, make sure we were in a location that could help him if anything were to go wrong in the middle of the night.  Brad went home to be with the big kids and I stayed with Ethan.  When we got checked into his room I noticed that there were just baby cribs and I would be sleeping in a chair.  I kindly inquired if they had any big beds because I would like to sleep with Ethan that night and the sweet nurse soon brought in a big bed for us!
I'm happy to report the night was uneventful, besides the nurses waking us up every couple of hours to check his vitals.  I was so happy to see that when he woke up he was ready to eat breakfast!  What I also found out was that I would be receiving meal vouchers for free during our stay so that I could eat too (remember, I wasn't prepared for this so I didn't come with much money!).  The hospital has strollers we could borrow so I loaded up Ethan for a stroll down to the dining hall and we came back for our little breakfast!
Look what he is watching on tv, you know you are in Saudi when! : )  I soon learned that most children in the hospital are there alone.  I think I was the only parent that spent the night.  The family leaves the child in complete care of the nursing staff.  I think that is one reason why the nurse was so willing to bring  a bed in for me!  I was there to care for my child!  During the day they didn't check on us much.  We hung out in our room, was visited by the nero doctor, visited by the pediatrician to check on Ethan's ear infection (the WHOLE reason for our visit in the first place), played in the playroom across the hall which is staffed by two Filipino girls to watch the kids if you choose to leave them there, and then I gave him a bath to clean him up!  By then he was ready for a nap!  While he napped I took a bath in his tub.  You know you are on a peds unit when you have to step up past your knee height to get into the raised tub and you have to curl your legs up by your chest just so you can fit in the tub!  It was a tight squeeze but it felt SO good to be cleaning up after a long 30 hour period!
After nap he was back to our smiley Ethan!!!  He talked to daddy, his siblings, and some friends from home!  All we needed now was to be discharged by our doctor.  There was talk of keeping us another night but I was able to talk the doctor into letting us go home!  Home never felt so good!
We were welcomed by lots of calls from friends and offers for meals and anything else we needed.  This camp really pulls together when there is a family in need.  One of the most special, touching gifts we got was a bag on our golf cart that was filled with this water bottle, lunch box, and a couple of toys from Ethan.  At first I had no idea who it was from but I soon realized that it was from the security guard that helped me check into the ER and park my golf cart!  He was so touched by the whole experience and he wanted to do something nice for Ethan!  Saudi's hold a special place in their hearts for children and it was made apparent to me in this moment! (I must also say that the CT scan assistant told us after Ethan's scan that he would pray for Ethan and that we needed to make sure to take good care of him because children are a gift from GOD not to be taken for granted!  Touching!)  Due to the whole experience, Brad wrote the guard's boss and spoke highly of our interaction and his help.  The guard was so touched and has reached out to us and would like to get together to share a meal (breaking bread together is something Saudi's love to do so show friendship).  It will be nice to meet him under better circumstances!

We are home.  Ethan is well, besides the yucky bruise on his cheek.  He was SO happy to see his siblings and vice versa.  I wish I has his "welcome home" hug on camera!  Love!  That is what our house is filled with!  Love for each other and grateful that this experience ended well!

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