Monday, September 29, 2014

Troy's Gymnastics Birthday Party

 Who's ready to go tumble around?!?!  These kids!
 I feel like I'm going to be saying this a lot in our posts from the summer but well... its the truth...
"One thing we really miss in Saudi is...." gymnastics!!!  The kids have been attending a class since they were 16 months old!  It was nice to get back in the gym after a  year away!
 The gym the birthday party was at was the gym I use to teach at while I was in University.  Well sort of, it was taken over by new owners and they just moved their location!  But, some of the coaches are still the same so it is a bit like going "home"!  The girl that was the coach for the party was a girl I use to coach when she was 8!!!  WOW!
The new location is awesome and the stuff is new!!!  And I took full advantage of getting in on the fun!
 Stuck in the fun
 Look mom, I can balance!
 Keeping up with his big siblings.... just using the smaller version!
She remembered how to flip!
 Look Mom, I can do it too!
Happy Birthday Troy!

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