Saturday, September 27, 2014


One of the reasons we went back to the States early this summer was to attend our Church's Vacation Bible school.  Our church experience in Saudi hasn't been all we had hoped for so the kids being able to attend VBS and be immersed into our Catholic faith for a week was really important.  It was also a great way to kick off the summer and see some of our closest friends!  THIS picture says it all!  THIS is why we are home!
Both Owen and Addyson were old enough to attend and I volunteered in the kitchen making snacks!  I loved it!  Each day we made a snack based on the lessons being taught that day.  I had to opportunity to mingle with all of the groups at snack time as I explained to them how our snack related to that days topic!  Today, Owen is a Fisher of Men!
While I was working in the kitchen, Ethan got to go to the nursery and mingle with other volunteer's kids!  He wasn't trilled at the idea at first but he started to enjoy it as the week went on.
One reason why I picked helping in the kitchen verses leading a group was that I knew I would have a bit more flexibility.  Mornings I would take Ethan to the morning prayer and song session and then I would pick him up early to attend the closing prayer and song!  I wanted him to be able to experience as much as possible too!
I was also able to sneak away every now and then to spy on the kids and grab photos with them throughout the week!!! :)
Always hamming it up!!  Everything is sweeter with a little ice cream on your nose! : )
I loved sitting in during the music time and watching my kids dance it up!

And Ethan loved the opportunity to be one of the big kids and sit by his siblings!

The whole VBS group!

The Week's closing performance
All of the soon to be second graders

All of the soon to be Kindergarteners!
Put a huge smile on my face and in my heart to be a part of the St. Joe's community this week during VBS!  Confirmed that we made the right decision to come to Fayetteville early to be a part of this!

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