Monday, October 20, 2014

First Day in Greece

 We arrived in Greece last night.  Took a taxi to our hotel and walked the streets looking for something to eat.  We finally stumbled upon a local place off a main road and had a yummy traditional dinner and a Greek beer.  The perfect start to our vacation.
 Our hotel last night was nothing fancy.  We just needed a place to lay our heads down for a night.  Turns out, I ended up sharing a TWIN bed with Ethan!  Funny, I had been in the mood lately to bring him back in bed with us (I miss having a baby in our beds to snuggle up with), well I got my fix last night!  I finally had to flip and put his feet by my head and vice versa so I could have a bit of space.  When he woke up, he was confused as to why I was by his feet!  : )
 The hotel had a nice traditional breakfast.... complete with fancy water glasses and fine china.  Not a good option with kids but we were making it work.  Really, our kids were the only ones we saw at the hotel and I had to spend a lot of time "shhh-ing" them.  Little did I know, this was just a glimpse of things to come!
 After breakfast we set out to explore the area around our hotel.  We didn't have to leave until 4 to go find my sister and our overnight boat and we didn't want to go too far because we were able to leave our big backpacks at the hotel.  It didn't take us long to find water and beach!
 Water, beach, and nice weather!  We've been waiting for this!
 Beautiful Greece!

Mommy and the birthday boy!
 It also didn't take us long to find a place to rest (I needed to get this 35 pound "baby" off of my back), get a beer, and find a place to celebrate our birthday boy!  We walked upon this amazing restaurant that was right on the water!  Perfect!
 They had waffles and ice cream to help celebrate the birthday boy!  He knew we were celebrating him however, he didn't realize he was turning three!!!  He needed to be two for the rest of our vacation so he could sleep in our room and we could get him the "free" rate as long as possible!! : )
Walking back to the hotel we took our time.  Found an amazing church.  Turns out they are ALL OVER THE PLACE in Greece and very beautiful!!!  Super ornate!  Amazing!
 On our way past the church we passed a lime tree full of fresh limes for the picking!  The kids were hooked!  Then, we passed a little street-side kiosk (which turns out are on every street corner, sometimes 2-4 per corner) and saw there were selling beer to drink on the go.  So we had one! Street side beer with fresh squeezed lime, yes please!! : )
 Next stop, lunch.  Are you noticing a theme of this vacation yet?!?!  Eating and drinking and we are only on day one!
 I think this was one of our favorite meals!  Super yummy gyros, Greek salad, and tzatziki!  This was suppose to be just a lite lunch, it never is for the Brewsters!
 The kids were a fan too!  Another enjoyable part, eating outside!!!  In Saudi where is it over 100F we are sticking inside a lot.  Here, in Greece, we are going to be outside as much as possible!  It is also much more enjoyable to eat with 3 young kids when we have the freedom of the open space!
 After exploring the area around our hotel Ethan was ready for a nap and we had 3 hours until we needed to leave to get my sister.  We headed back to the hotel to collect our bags and we let Ethan take a nap on the lobby couch!  Perfect!  Our little travelers can sleep just about anywhere!
 While he napped, our kids swam.  The pool was a bit chilly and Addyson was the only one brave enough to swim in the cold!  She swam her heart out.  After that, she change over, we woke up Ethan, and caught the bus!  Our Greek adventures continue!

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