Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Opa

Today we laid to rest one of the most loving men in my life.  My heart is sad but I am happy for him for he has finally be reunited with my Oma, the love of his life, and they are dancing away in heaven and eating chocolate cake.  He is now eternally happy.  Here is what I wrote about him to be read at his funeral.

Hard working, dessert loving, German speaking, always joking, warm loving, bingo playing, entrepreneurial , immigrant are just a few words we can use to describe our Opa. 
Our Opa came to Canada with $100 in his pocket in search for work while his wife and two young kids waited for him in Germany.  He found work, brought his young family over on the Seven Seas boat, bought a house, and started a company.  He paved the way for a better life for not only himself, his wife, their children Klaus and Gabriela, but also his future daughter-in-law Marlene, his future grandchildren; Ricky, Jenny, Ambre, Becky, and Dieter and also his future great-grandchildren; Kevin, Gary, Owen, Addyson, and Ethan.   

From him we learned about hard work as we saw our Opa head out to work every morning for his sheet metal business working long hours to get the job done.  We learned about being good natured as we saw him greet the people he saw on his daily route either at Tim Hortons or the people he did work for, he didn’t know a stranger.  He taught us about working hard so we can play hard.  He was known to make time daily to watch his favorite Soap Opera The Young and the Restless , he would meet Oma and the grandchildren at the plaza for a midday snack, and he and Oma often enjoyed trips to Las Vegas or Germany.  He taught us to enjoy the small things especially if the small things were sweet or came in small packages like a hard candy or piece of chocolate cake.  From him we also learned about loving your family despite the challenges you face or the miles between you.  He was always the first one to call on your birthday and he never showed up empty handed to your house even remembering to bring a treat for your furry pet.  

They say
“The true measure of a man is not what he dreams, but what he aspires to be; a dream is nothing without action. Whether one fails or succeeds is irrelevant; all that matters is that there was motion in his life. That alone affects the world.”
Mike Norton, White Mountain
Opa was a man of action.  A man that affected the world, made it a better place for all those he came in contact with.  He will be missed but his legacy lives on.  He is in a better place; with Oma dancing in heaven and sharing a doughnut with his daughter Gabby.  He is now eternally happy. 
We love you Opa and will see you again one day.

I’ll leave you with words our Opa would say;
“I wish you ALL the best and many more returns.  Don’t be sad.  I’ve had a good life.  I’m happy now.  So happy.  Enjoy one last cookie on me!”

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Georgia Bryant said...

BAWLING!!! May he rest in peace eternally with Oma.