Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Finding TeeTee and our Boat

"Come on Daddy, let's go find TeeTee!"
My sister flew into Athens today and we had planned to meet at the port around 4:30 and then look for our boat.  We had googled the best meeting spot in the port and heard of a Building that had the only yellow awning.  Perfect!  We each grabbed a backpack (minus Ethan), got on a bus (which we missed the first one because we didn't realize you had to actually FLAG DOWN the bus even though you were sitting at the bus stop, waited 30 minutes for the next bus, got off at a wrong stop due to language communication with a fellow passenger, got on a train, and finally got off at the port!
Now came the tricky part of finding Becky!  We went to the port and looked for this "famous" meeting spot to find it wasn't exactly as described.  The gate number wasn't the same and there was no awning however, the building was yellow and had the same name as described.  Just as we were trying to figure out if we were in the right spot....
I turned around and saw my sister!!!  She had just gotten there too!  Perfect timing!  We were meant to miss that bus so we didn't spend time wandering around the port searching for a yellow awning!
Now THAT is what I call a welcome hug!!!
We found TeeTee and everyone had something to tell her!!!  We had lots of time to talk as we searched the port for our boat!
Sisters together in Greece!!!  Amazing, especially if you know of our rocky late teen/ early twenties years.  Our boat was found, now let the fun begin!
We had an hour to waste before the boat was opened for us to go on.  The plan was to drop our stuff off in our room, this boat was an overnight boat so we got a room with 4 bunks for us to share, so we didn't have to haul around our heavy bags as we searched for a place to eat dinner.
It didn't take us long to find a port vendor selling snacks, drinks, and happened to have 3 beer left. That was meant to be!  Our first cheers of many!  I'd say let the fun begin but what we really kept saying was, "I can't believe we are doing this!  I can't believe we pulled this off!  I can't believe we are in Greece together!"  Okay, so enough of not believing.... let's enjoy this amazing opportunity!
The wait is finally over!!  Time to board our first big boat!
We were escorted to our room down the long hallway!  On the way we saw people setting up camp underneath stairs and claiming little pockets of space for them to set up their "beds" for the night!  Boy am I glad we had a room reserved!
Room with a view!
The boat was scheduled to depart at 9.  We boarded at 8 as we were all exhausted from the day of traveling/ walking around and we also spent some time walking around this evening in search of food.  Our plan was to board, watch the departure, and then go to bed.
We did a little exploring of the top deck and checking out the night time city lights!  Beautiful!
We also purchased some goodies to eat on the boat to celebrate our birthday boy!!!  We ended up eating our goodies and going to bed before we left port!  We were all too pooped to wait up!  Off to bed for a good night of sleep (with Owen and Addyson sharing a top twin bed and Ethan and I sharing a bottom twin bed) on the big boat!  This is a first for most of us!  Now the journey begins!

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