Saturday, December 20, 2014

First half of December Snapshots

 Friends for lunch.... getting in the Christmas Spirit!
 A second rash has appeared. : (
 Someone learned how to take selfies.
 Tommy has come to visit!!!
 He brought with him lots of goodies!!!
 The 1st grade Tiger Cubs and Kindergarten Daises (youngest scouts on camp) doing a fundraiser for the maintenance workers on camp.
 The rash grows.... I need answers... finally!!  It IS a spider bite and an allergic reaction to it. : (
 Someone wants to wear Christmas jammies and all he has are 6T.  Sad boy.
 Owen's friends don't have an elf... so he left this sweet note for Tommy.  I love how he is so thoughtful!
 Tommy loves animals as much as we do!
 Half of our RT group getting ready for the Challenge!
 So proud to say I organized several teams to join this amazing event!!  HUGE RT showing!
 Snowball fight!
 Playdate at the park and one-on-one time with this little guy before I head out for my big race!
In Bahrain for the weekend and started it by finding this amazing little pub!!!
 Lunch date!
Signed in and ready for the weekend festivities!
 THIS..... she just gets me!!!  Life is so much sweet with her in my life!

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