Sunday, December 21, 2014


 Addyson and her class are working on size differences in math and as part of the understanding of big and bigger, the teacher has the kids act out Goldilocks and the Three Bears!!!
 In order to give each child a chance to be a part of the play, there were several showings that day with different children each time.  Look at the international group Addyson is with!!!
 Oh, NO!  Someone has been sitting in MY chair!!
 Again, enjoying the perks of being a small camp.... daddy was able to sneak away for a few minutes and come see Addyson's performance!  As for me, I was actually working at the school but they allowed me a few minutes to sneak away to go watch Addyson!  I just love the family centered community!
 Before her big showing, Addyson was suppose to be hiding out in the bathroom!  We caught her peaking before the performance! : )
Not only did parents come watch but, each group had a different class from the upper grades come sit in as an audience to support the budding actors!
 Trying out the yummy porridge!
 Which chair is most comfy???
 Getting feedback from the older kids at the end!!  What a fun experience!

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