Sunday, December 21, 2014

Raingutter Regatta

 Living overseas we at times get a taste of fun activities from home like being a member of the Boy Scouts but then activities that the Scouts put on are a bit harder to come by.  Shipping over supplies becomes a HUGE task, well really the huge pain is getting our items cleared through customs.  Our pinewood derby track has been in customs for many months.  : (
 Despite the hassle, we have a wonderful team of parents that work really hard to make sure our boys get the best Scout experience possible.  It takes a village and that we have here!!  Brad and his friend Brad are leading Owen's Wolf den this year and it has been wonderful.  On top of that, we got to have our first major Scouting event!  The Raingutter Regatta!!  Look at all these awesome boats!
The Pack Master put on a wonderful event with heats amongst the different dens and then a final heat amongst the winners!  Awesome!
One of the best things to see was the smiles and the cheering!  If a boy didn't win, he was still smiling!  The winner would reach out to give a High Five or a handshake to say, "Job Well Done!"  One thing we have been working on with Scouts and in soccer is explaining that everyone, even those that didn't win, puts in a lot of effort to do their best.  We all do a great job and that should be acknowledged!  And it was!
After the heats were completed the boys could go back and race their friends and family members could get in on the fun!  Ethan wanted to be a part of it all!!  He was so excited to get to race Owen's boat!!  Before we know it he will be racing a boat of his own !
 Wolf Den 2014-2015!
 Great job, Boys!

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