Monday, December 15, 2014

Snapshots of the Week (Nov. 29)

 Sad to be at the clinic.  Ear infection.  (really I should be smiling since I know this visit is 100% covered!)
 Mean face on and headed to an camo/army birthday sleepover party!
 Trip to the ER to see what is happening to our little man....
 This concerned us.  First thought- spider bite. ER doc said there are no biting spiders on camp... :(
 Back to the clinic the next day.... the trails are growing.  Still no answers.
 Trying to prove to doctors that this spot is concerning and growing
 His first spatchcock turkey
 Ready for the annual Thanksgiving dinner with a huge group of our friends!
 Thanksgiving 2014.... Thankful for this crazy life we live together!
 Ready for the fire!
 Sweet boy.... not letting a spider bit stop him from having fun!
 Most Family tradition, roasting marshmallows for Thanksgiving Dinner dessert!
 Our little helpers in the spirit and decorating our house from top to bottom!
 She is loving the festive wear and requesting pictures to be taken!
 We made our own Thanksgiving day lunch two days later!  Better late than never!  We had to have the leftovers! : )
 Another picture request!
 Using her magic reading glasses with Mr. V!

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