Monday, January 19, 2015

1st day in Town (Hong Kong)

After leaving Disney we headed to our hotel in Kowloon in the Golden Mile district.  We were too early to check in to our room so we hit to streets to explore a bit.
At Disney we were sort of protected from the Hong Kong experience outside of the food so this was fun to start exploring and start to get a real taste of this culture and area.
There were a lot of little restaurants right outside of our hotel so we soon started to see ducks and suckling pigs hanging in windows!
And restaurants with their fish tanks as the windows so you could pick out your food.  Owen was loving this!
It also didn't take us long to find a little place to relax for a bit and have a cold drink!
While there we could see the places where you could get an hour foot massage for only $10!!!  And also lots of street food!  Brad and Addyson went exploring and came back with pork sausage to share!
Also while we were sitting there, we had a window seat so we could look at and watch the world go by, we saw a seafood truck pull up to make a delivery!  Owen was quick to go outside and watch what was going on!
And that's me with my 5 year old in a Beco standing in the street taking it all in!
Talking to another expat family that came in to the restaurant we were in, they told us of a park close by that had some wildlife in it so we went exploring.
As soon as you enter the park area you see a mini McDonald's walk-up stand.  Of course we had to go check it out.
It was a ice cream and drink stand!!  Cones all around please!! : )
Across from the stand started the wildlife area.  They had lots of water foul with signs talking about the different birds.  It was lush, green, and clean all of which are a treat for us a complete contrast to what we see on a daily basis in the Land of the Sand!
This tree ended up being a common tree in the area.  Anyone know what this is called???  I love the beauty of it!
What a pair!

After walking the park we headed out to an area with shops and started exploring.
It was really interesting to see the items that were offered in the average pharmacy!  These alternative solutions are so common you go down to your local pharmacy to get them!  Amazing.
After all that walking we finally went back to our hotel to check in.  No time to nap now but we needed to chill out and get a game plan for the evening.  We ate at the hotel and were hanging out in the bar area where soccer was on the tv and we were making friends with the servers, they really loved our kids!  We were asking of things to do in the area when one of them told us that the harbor had a light show every evening at 8.  It was 7:45 so we packed everyone up and rushed down to find the harbor.
It was beautiful... and late!  Poor Ethan was ready for bed!! : )
This laser light show is called the Symphony of Lights and is the world's largest permanent light and sound show! It was neat to get to experience it and to get a taste of the BUSY streets at night!
Our first half day out in Kowloon has been a success!  Can't wait to see what else is out there to explore!

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