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Disneyland Day 2

Our plan was to wake up early and replay our day yesterday with a few extra surprises and finish seeing the second half of the park.  We quickly realized that the best laid plans often go awry.
For starters, we slept in.  Yesterday wore us out and the beds were so comfy!!!  Then, as we headed out to the park, it started to drizzle.  No worries, we bundled up and headed out.  First stop, the line to get tickets to see Elsa and Anna.  Got our tickets and then made our way to Toy Story land!  Seeing Toy Story characters were high on our list!
When we rounded the corner and saw Toy Story land my jaw dropped.  This was the best theme land we had seen.  Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it.  I love how toy parts and pieces were used to create everything from the fences to the benches.  I was in awe!
Despite the rain, we knew we had to start riding the rides before lines got long.  The kids were troopers about riding in the rain, in fact the rain didn't bother them one bit.  What was worrisome for Owen was the height of the ride and thankfully this ride allowed him to be able to sit next to him momma for protection!
Ethan once again paired up with daddy to be his "ride buddy" for the day and he was excited to get buckled up to ride the army guy parachute drop!  And as soon as our ride was over the rain started to come down!  Perfect timing!
The rainy morning wasn't ideal but it did make for short lines!!!  We were there when Jessie first came out for pictures and we were first in line!!!

By now the little kids are slowly warming up to the idea of having their pictures taken with characters sans mom and dad.  Look at little Ethan trying to force a smile!! :)
Then Jessie went in for a hug!!!  I wasn't sure what Addyson would do....
But she hugged right back and look at that smile on her face!!!!  I know that moment was magical for her!   She talked about it for a long time afterwards!

Isn't this place amazing?!?!
Next ride, the slinky dog ride!  It goes around and around in a circle while going over little hills.  Owen was going to have to ride this one by himself and he wasn't a fan.  So after this picture was take he left and went to wait with Brad (who also didn't want to ride for fear of getting sick).
This was Ethan's favorite ride!!  Just look at his face!  He even put both arms up in the air!!!  He asked to ride it again!  He was so excited to tell daddy about how he raised his arms up!  When did he get so big?
After the bright and cheery Toy Story Land adventures were done, we headed over to the more eerie Mystic Point to ride Mystic Manor.  We didn't tell Owen what the ride was about but right away in the line cue you get the feeling that this ride is going to be "different" and not the kind of different that Owen is up for.  He loudly asked, "Who planned this?  This is a bad idea!"  The ride car was big enough for our whole family and Owen sat in the back, farther from the action, and snuggled in to daddy!  This ride was amazing!  We would have ridden it again it Owen would have been up for it!  Amazing magic and illusions!  Another "scary fun" ride!
Next stop, Grizzly Gulch
Where our kids ended up in a lot of trouble! : )
There is a big roller coaster called Grizzly Gulch and I knew I wanted to ride it but wasn't sure who else was up for the run.  Since it isn't a ride that make a lot of circles Brad was up for giving it a try.  This was after Addyson had already decided she was going to give it a try to!  Since I got to ride Space Mountain with Addyson yesterday, Brad rode with her today. I was really hoping to get her picture but the person in front of her is covering her up, you can see Brad thought!  She got off the ride all smiles!  This ride has a single riders line so as soon as they came back in got in that line and it didn't take me long to be able to get on.  So it was a win/win for everyone!
At this point we were wet, cold, tired, and hungry!  Unlike yesterday, a nap didn't really pan out well so we just pushed through!  Found a nice restaurant in Adventure land that was out of the rain where we could warm up.  This was the first time we were really excited to get served the traditional warm/hot water.
I don't know if it was because we were really hungry or what but this was some of the best sweet and sour pork I have ever had!!!
The kids agreed! : )

In line to see Mickey's Philharmagic.  It was one of the only places where most of the line was covered and it was a show where we could sit down out of the rain.  While waiting, Ethan feel asleep in the stroller so I put him in the Beco and we were off to see the show.  Ethan ended up waking up just in time for the movie to start and I'm glad he did!
This was another Brewster favorite.  We ended up watching it two times.  It is an amazing 3D movie with full senses experience.
Day 1 Addyson hid from Buzz, today she got right up front so she could shake his hand!  Watching my kids fall in love with meeting the characters was very magical for me!  I was loving it!

Buzz is a bit intimidating so even Owen was hiding but once he saw Addyson shake Buzz's hand Owen came out to say Hi too!

Due to the rain our meeting with Elsa and Anna got canceled.  Talk about being one sad mommy.  Thankfully the kids didn't know we were suppose so they didn't know the difference but I was so hoping to have that magical experience with them.  The weather had other plans for us!  So we opted for a photo with Olaf!
And this is what a typical photo shoot looks like these days with the 3 kids.  Almost impossible to get a "good" one!  Never a dull moment! : )
 The Golden Mickey is another show at Hong Kong Disney and it was a hit!  So many of our favorite characters singing our favorite songs!  It was about 30 minutes long and the kids were smiling and singing the whole time!  We were super excited to see Stitch and Lilo in it!

After the failed attempt last night, we knew we had to let Owen ride the Winnie Pooh ride!  This is a ride you NEED to get a fast pass for.  It is one of the longest lines in the park!
Finally a non-scary, kid sized ride that Brad and I could sit next to each other on!!!  We were able to sit behind the kids and watch them experience the magic as a sibling group!  So fun!
At this point it is getting late and we have done all of the rides so we had a little bit of time left to go back and do some favorites!
Having just as much fun watching and waving at us!
Addyson's pick, Gumbo!
Ethan and Owen picked the Buzz Lightyear ride.  This was actually our second time today to ride!
Now that Owen knows fully what to expect, he loves this ride!  Also, we learned the age trick so we said that Addyson was 7 so she could ride with Owen!  So, for this ride they were 7 and 8!!! : )  She thought that was pretty cool.
We went back to Autopia and this time Owen got to drive!!!
A perfect ride to end the trip on!
The terrible drivers were in front of us and Owen and I kept giggling as their car would bump into things!!!  Not sure Brad thought it was as funny as we did!! : )

The fireworks started to go off as we were on the car ride.  We made it over to the castle to watch the end of them and then it was time to head out.... and it started to "snow"!  Amazing!
Christmas Day spent in Disney with a magical day and ended with snow on Main street!

Today was a bit of a struggle for me and my need to try to create "picture perfect" for my kids.  I had this idea in my head of a beautiful, sunny day where we wondered the park, met Elsa and Anna, went to the hotel to get all dressed up for dinner with the princesses, and topped of the night with front row seats to the light parade and firework show.  None of that happened.  It was a rainy day.  We didn't get to meet our Frozen characters.  The light parade was canceled.  We never got dressed up for our fancy dinner.  Ugh.  Fighting through tears as I tried to explain to Brad my disappointment and feeling like I let the kids down he told me our day was PERFECT!  And looking back at it, it was!  It was OUR picture perfect!  So many amazing memories made.  We rode so many rides, many times.  And that was because the lines were short because of the weather!  We met other characters we might not have.  Had anything in our day changed our day would have been different.  And as our exhausted kids lay down in bed with huge smiles on their face recounting the day, it is hard to wish for anything different.  My New Year's resolution is going to be to strive to embrace those "non- picture perfect moments" and remember that while they might not be ideal or text book perfect, it is the exact moment we are suppose to be having, to be living, to be experiencing and enjoy the memories as we make them!
Merry, merry Christmas from Hong Kong Disney!

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