Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last Morning at Disney AND Food

It was our last morning on the Disney property this morning, insert sad face here.  However, instead of being sad about it, we tried to go out with a smile!  After sleeping in until almost 9am, we got ready to head to breakfast with Mickey!  Our last chance to see Mickey before leaving and a little surprise treat at breakfast!  Just like dinner the other night, breakfast was full of Disney magic!!  You can even see it on Ethan's face!
Unlike our first meeting with Mickey, the kids gladly walked up to meet Mickey by themselves!
I know I've said this before in post but I'll say it again, this whole experience is magical.  This is something I've been dreaming about for 15 years. When Brad and I recounted the past couple of days over breakfast I teared up.  Seriously, to talk about different magical moments or special character meetings brought me so much joy I couldn't hold back.  I'm also sure some of the tears were because we were leaving.  I wasn't ready to go but, all good things must come to an end.
So I leave with happy thoughts and magical memories... and of course thoughts of planning our next Disney vacation! : )
This time every kid went in for a hug!!!
Everyone left as friends!  It was love!
The other thing we talked about at breakfast was Addyson's wiggly tooth!  I had no idea she had a loose tooth and I'm not sure she realized it either.  Once we talked about it she disappeared to the buffet and I had no idea why.  Soon she came back with an apple and I quickly learned of her plan to try to make her tooth fall out at Disney!!!  It didn't happen but that wasn't because she didn't try!
While we are on the topic of food, I wanted to share some of our food pictures with you.  Our first lunch at the hotel and we were so surprised to see it topped with a carrot Mickey!
Minnie and Mickey dessert
A traditional breakfast to start out our day
Ketchup for our fries!  Eating at the park was almost just as fun as the rides! : )
 And with that our Disney adventure has come to an end!  Goodbye Disney!  Thanks for the magic!  Until next time! Brewster Out!!!

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