Sunday, January 11, 2015

One Last Christmas Surprise

The kids knew we were headed to Hong Kong to spend a week of our Christmas break but they had no idea the surprise we had in store for them!  At the airport (we did it here for fear of seeing lots of signs and giving away our secret before we had a chance to ourselves.  However,  note to self though- there were NO signs of Disney anywhere in the airport or on the buses/taxis so we could have waited until driving through the Disney Gate!) we told them we had ONE LAST special gift for them to open.  They opened the shirts but had NO idea what they meant.  Owen had the feeling it was special because we were talking it up so he tried to play it off, "Oh thank you."   So we had to explain it a bit more.  And once we told them they were still confused.  Look at Owen's face!
I think they were trying to put it all together and what it really meant!  YES, we ARE going to Disneyland Hong Kong!  You know, the thing you have been asking us about for 4 months is finally coming true!!! 
Merry Christmas and Happy Surprise!

I had read that it was SO easy to get to Disney from the airport so that was our original plan and we didn't put much thought into it.  Turns out, that isn't really the case.  There is a train to bus transport.  To another bus.  And it ended up being costly.  We were advised that is was probably easier and cheaper to get a taxi and just get dropped off at our hotel front door.  So that is what we did!!!  All piled in the back seat of a tiny taxi and ready for the fun to begin!
We spotted the Disney sign out of our front window and the car filled with squeals of joy!!!  I think I might have been the loudest one!! : )
Finally, after a short drive from the airport, our hotel was spotted!  It was beginning to feel very real!
Spending Christmas in Hong Kong also meant enjoying the perks of Christmas decorations, Christmas music, and friendly cheerful greetings of "Merry Christmas"!!!  All of the things we were missing in Saudi.  To be honest, it took us awhile to get into the groove of saying it back or trying to say it first since that is something we don't get much of on and around camp.
Our first stop, dinner with Chef Mickey!!!  This dinner was actually planned for Christmas Day and we had a dinner with the princesses planned for tonight but upon arrival we found out that the princess dinner was IN the park so we would have to use one of our tickets just to go to dinner.  No thanks!
Dinners were swapped and it ended up being perfect.  Chef Mickey was in our hotel so we didn't have to go far, perfect for these road weary travelers (none of us slept well on the plane and it had been a long day of travel!). 
We got a nice taste of Disney and all of their magic!!!!  The themes around dinner were amazing and the kids were in awe!  So many things to see, taste, and experience.  It was impossible to wipe the smiles from our faces!
Well... until Mickey appeared and then there was a bit of a nervous look that overtook the smiles.  This dinner was just with Mickey so it was a slow intro with the characters.  Ethan was excited to see Mickey and kept asking Brad to take him over to see Mickey during dinner but he also wanted to maintain a safe distance from Mickey!  I was nervous to what this would mean for the rest of the trip.  Would he ever warm up to Mickey and friends????
For me, this was everything I had dreamed of when I was working at Disney's Animal Kingdom through their college program right after I graduated with my BA.  I would see families come in and hope that one day that would be me.  And finally, 13 years later, it was!!
Ready to experience the Disney Magic through the eyes of my children!!!!
Owen was ready for a photo opt with Mickey without everyone else but the little kids weren't.  Let's see how tomorrow goes!  What an amazing way to kick off our trip!

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