Sunday, January 18, 2015

Princess Dinner at the Castle

 I had one more surprise up my sleeves for the kids, especially Addyson.
 I had booked us a princess dinner at the castle weeks ago, the one we were suppose to go to the other night but didn't want to use our park tickets to go, and tonight was finally our night to go.  It was suppose to come with VIP seats to the light parade and fireworks but, as I've already mentioned, the weather had other plans.
So wet and soggy, we showed up to dinner after a busy day at the park and we were ready for a bit of fancy fun!  This post is mainly just to add all of our pictures from dinner.  Unfortunately, the lighting was really weird in there and so my pictures have a weird tint to them but that doesn't take away from the moments!  Enjoy!
One thing we have been loving is the food presentation.  We always love to see what we get served!  How about some clam chowder with a carrot Christmas tree!
Or veggie soup with a Mickey squash!  So fun!
No Mickey fun but still food fun, seafood platter appetizer!  A Brewster family favorite!
Here was the kid's meal.  An Asian spin on mac 'n cheese, Disney noodles with a tuna sauce.  The polenta in a Mickey shape was also a hit.  But not as much fun as seeing Olaf on your plate!
This is what I get when I say, "Hey Owen, will you smile for me?"
Sipping some juice out of a princess cup!  He didn't mind that it was pink and all girl! : )
Too many distractions to eat so Sister stepped up and helped him out.  She has always been a helper but she is really stepping it up these days and helps distract him when needed!
 Time to meet Cinderella!
I honestly wasn't sure what Addyson would do, how she would react, if she would know what to say.  All of my fears went away the minute Cinderella knelt down to Addyson's level, grabbed her hand, and started talking to her.  I knew in that moment that Addyson felt like the more special girl in the world!  It brought tears to my eyes!
 The way her face lit up!  Our little princess meeting a real life princess!
After Addyson had her special one-on-one time the boys were invited to go meet Cinderella as well!
Even the boys were made to feel special, little knights in shining (or wet) armor!
I love how Ethan is looking up at her. I know the boys were both blown away by her beauty!  Owen was nervous at first to meet her. It was really sweet!
Then Mommy got invited in too!!!
 Our camera with the flash took the best picture but we didn't get many of these.
 Next it was time to meet Sleeping Beauty, Aurora.  Once again, Addyson was made to feel so special.  This was really an amazing experience!
Look how she is grabbing the back of her hair.  I could tell she was nervous and excited all at the same time!

Addyson and Aurora
Time for the boys to meet Sleeping Beauty!

 And Mommy!  What an amazing overall experience!

The food was great, the atmosphere was magical, the mood was exciting, the meetings with the princesses was special, the night was memorable, and the memories will last a life time!
What better way to wrap up the evening than giving my Prince Charming a kiss!!!

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