Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ringing in the New Year

New Year's Eve for us this year was a bit uneventful.  It was a Wednesday night and Brad (and well as most of our friends) had to work the next day. It isn't a holiday here that you get time off for.  So we went to bed as usual.  What was a nice treat though was that the midnight ball drop in New York happened at 8am so we got to watch the ball drop and yell, "Happy New Year!"  This was a first for the kids and I think as far as they are concerned, they got to "Ring in the New Year!" !
For us, celebrating was more about celebrating the start of a New Year!  We got to ring in 2015 with friends on Friday night (which is like a Saturday night to my friends back home).
The main event of the night was a Cajun shrimp boil at the Graham's house!!!!  Tell me that this doesn't look like the perfect way to kick off a New Year!!!
While you are waiting for the food to be ready, you can snack on chips to keep you happy!!
It was a year ago that we were invited to the Graham's for their Faux New Year's Eve party where we really go to know them and we met some other couples on camp that we hadn't met before or didn't know well.  It is amazing the relationships that have formed with these people in a years time.  It is amazing the types of relationship you form being an expat, especially in a country like the one we live in, how quick they form and how intense they are.  You rely on your close friends like you would your family back home.  These friends are like family to us now.
Amazing the difference a year can make!
Much like a traditional New Year's Eve party, this one carried on for a while and the kids weren't ready to keep partying like the parents!  Snuggling up on the couch in front of a movie was more their speed!  Here is Ethan 2 of the triplets.  I love how he put himself in the middle of Lindsay and Sarah!
Movie time!
With the kids content, the adults got to hang out by the fire and plays Cards Against Humanity!  If you haven't played that game, it is a fun party game!  Good laughs into the late night!
Wanna ham it up?!?!  Gotta laugh.  Seriously, laughing in the main thing that gets you through the hard times.  The crazy camp drama.  The frustrating third world non-sensical stuff.  The fact that you don't have a good escape for personal time, can't drive yourself anywhere.  The sad times when you miss home.  If you are having one of THOSE days there is someone there to offer an listening ear.  Someone to help you laugh through it.  Someone that understands exactly what you are going through.  Camp life is easier because these families are on it!
Families where the whole has a special friendship!  The guys need the laughs just as much as the ladies do!
Thanks Grahams for an amazing start to 2015!  I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us, our family, and our friends!

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